Master Class of Milcho Leviev and Vicky Almazidou





Master class of Milcho Leviev and Vicky Almazidou 2018


Milcho Leviev – jazz and classical piano, improvisation, conductor (Bulgaria/USA)


(Rhythm & Bulgarian Blues)


Velislav Stoyanov, trombone

BRASS, RHYTHM AND VOCAL - Еnsemble and Improvisation in all styles


Vicky Almazidu – vocals, jazz, pop and world music (Greece)

“The Art of Singing”

(for beginners and advanced singers and musicians)



Audition: 17.06.2018, 4 p.m. Aula, New Bulgarian University
Date and venue: 18.06-28.06.2018
Final Gala Concert: 29.06.2018, 9:00 p.m., Sofia Live Club




Audition: BGN 20 (10 EUR)

Active participants: BGN 250 (125 EUR)

Students, listeners: BGN 150 (75 EUR)

Contact:  Tel: +359 28110472,


“Milcho Leviev & Vicky Almazidu” Fund, New Bulgarian University

The “Milcho Leviev & Vicky Almazidu” Fund was established during the first edition of the Summer Music Academy in 2009 with contributions from prof. Milcho Leviev, Vicky Almazidu and New Bulgarian University with the invaluable support of prof. Bogdan Bogdanov, the President of NBU, and Mr. George Tekev, Ph.D., CEO of NBU. Each year, at the final concert of the Summer Music Academy, prof. Leviev and Vicky Almazidu traditionally award scholarships from their Fund to the most successful participants of the Academy.
In two consecutive years (2009-2010), the “Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation also provided scholarships for the participants of the Summer Music Academy.

Over the years, managers of the Summer Music Academy were Pavlina Velichkova and Ch. Assist. Prof. Borislav Dochev. Since 2014, the Academy has been serviced by the team of the School of Distance, Electronic and Continuing Education of NBU – Hristo Chukurliev, Maria Tumbeva, and Martin Stoyanov.

The “Milcho Leviev & Vicky Almazidu” Fund supports the development of young musicians by providing financial assistance for the purchase of instruments, necessary music materials and books. Prof. Leviev and Vicky Almazidu provide professional promotion of the best students at all levels, including participation in joint concerts, developing key professional contacts, recommendations for scholarships, and references to distinguished musical institutions. Over the years, all participants receive as a gift the book of prof. Leviev entitled Life in 33/16, the music album “The Song of the Clown” - Vladiguerov - Leviev, produced with the financial support of NBU, and hundreds of albums of prof. Leviev and Vicky Almazidu.

In 2008, Thessaloniki was the host of a memorable concert of Bulgarian students from the Academy together with the Greek students from the class of Vicky Almazidu. The big musical event was organized with the financial support of New Bulgarian University, Milcho Leviev and Vicky Almazidu.
Many of today’s successful young musicians began their careers in the Master Classes of prof. Leviev and Vicky Almazidu.

Guest musicians at the Summer Music Academy

Over the years, a number of world famous musicians have joined the Summer Music Academy, including David Murray - saxophone (USA), Craig Bailey - saxophone (USA), Francisco Mela - percussion (USA), Chico Freeman - saxophone (USA), Aaron Goldberg - piano (USA), Marc Halbheer - drums (Switzerland), prof. Glenn Ferris - Trombone (France), and the famous Bulgarian musicians Petar Slavov - contrabass, Stoyan Yankulov -Stundji - drums.